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what is a dreamcatchers

A Dream catcher is something that filters all negative vibes and creates positivity around the place. Each of it created individually with specific love ,care and positive thoughts. It takes 5-7 days to make. This can be used as key chains to wall decors, everywhere one wants to have positive vibes. This dreamcatcher can be customized according to the customers’ needs, thoughts, colors and sizes. The web means that the air or the thought process is being filtered through the web, the feathers bring in deep and peaceful sleep, the round shape indicates the circle of life or the day and night routine. The actual reason for keeping dreamcatcher is that to bring in peaceful sleep and happiness around one having it. This can be a perfect thing to gift someone we really love. Each time we weave the inner net, the person’s thoughts are also good and positive so that the place it’s hung gets the same vibrations. Belief is the main key or the important factor to one the who owns it.

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